Space miners

There are two phases in Space Miners. The first phase is a roll and selection phase. During the second phase, players must prepare actions and plan their mining strategies. The miners land on planets paying landing values, and continue mining until a scoring event occurs. The game can be played on any device. When you are finished playing, you can collect as many as 50,000 coins. The payout for each round depends on the number of winning combinations.

It is not too difficult to imagine the possibilities for space mining. It is not just about mining asteroids or the Moon and returning the resources back to Earth. There is great value in exploring space and keeping the resources that we find there. But how do we go about doing this? Will space exploration be feasible, or will we need to return these precious materials to Earth? The answer to these questions depends on the type of industry and the amount of investment.

The most important aspect of space exploration is the mining industry. There are plenty of minerals in outer space that could be extracted. Mining is an excellent way to gain these materials. In addition, it is fun and allows players to collect millions of coins in the process. The best thing about this game is that it is available on all devices. The only requirement to win is to have three or more of the same symbol on your reels. Once you reach this number, you will be awarded a prize of 50,000 times your bet.

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