European roulette

Playing European roulette is very simple. You just place your chips on the bets you desire and press the spin button to start the ball rolling. After you have placed your bet, you have two options: rebet or clear bets. Even-money outside bets have an advantage over odd-money ones, because the zero is considered the winning number. Hence, it's a good idea to place these bets.

The game has 5 different types of bets. Each bet type offers different odds and payouts. As a player, it is important to understand the betting options and their payouts. The inside bets, meanwhile, are advisable for inexperienced players. Although they involve less risk, they pay less, so they are more popular with experienced players. The Outside Bets have the highest payout, but they come with lower odds.

When placing bets, it's important to know the odds and the payouts. In Europe, there's a feature called En Prison, which stands for In Prison. This bonus is beneficial for the players, because they can place 1:1 bets on the number they want. In addition, players who back the green zero will be given a stay of execution. This means that they have a better chance of winning. There are other advantages to playing European roulette.

Playing European roulette can be fun. The rules are similar to those of American roulette. The game can be challenging and exciting. However, the odds are better and you'll enjoy the game more. In addition to better odds, playing on the European version will provide a better gambling experience. It's a good idea to practice the game with a European roulette before trying it at a casino. It's a good idea to play the game on a real wheel before moving on to online casinos.

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