How Mobile Tech Can Change Land-Based Casinos

blog post - How Mobile Tech Can Change Land-Based Casinos

Since the emergence of online casinos, land-based casinos became more competitive. They began to explore more innovations to compete with the demand that online casinos have. With this, the land-based casinos ventured into mobile tech to facilitate hotel check-ins, marketing opportunities, customizations on hotel room check-ins, cashless and cardless transactions, and many more.

The opportunity gave the customers the ease of accessibility to the land-based casinos, hence gaining more customers in the hotels. In this article, we will talk about the changes that mobile tech brings to the land-based casinos and how these changes affect the offline casino industry's economy.

Mobile Tech Can Change Land-Based Casinos

Hotel Check-ins Are Faster

Since the birth of mobile check-ins, hotels get lesser lines in their front desk and, therefore, made the lives of the customers more comfortable. With the hotels' “Stay and Play” option, gambling guests will no longer wait in long lines to get a room so they can play at the casinos.

With the hotels' mobile app, customers can quickly click on the check-in icon and start playing on the casino rooms.

Marketing Opportunities Are Endless

What is more luring than receiving promos and discounts on your favorite casinos? With mobile tech, hotels can easily send promos and discounts to loyal customers, even giving out treats to guests according to their preference to have that personal touch. With the help of geo-location, the hotels can send exclusive offers to the guests to keep them in touch with the latest sweepstakes, lottery news, and even hotel events.

State lotteries usually use the mobile app, sending out the recent winnings of the guests and the current numbers in the lottery.

No Need for Cash

With cashless and cardless transactions, guests are sure that they are secured and safe while strolling around the casino floors. This is an opportunity for the hotels to show the guests easy access to their spending while on the hotel premises.

With the cardless and cashless transactions, guests can quickly pay for their casino games.

Customize Your Hotel Experience

Hotels can now optimize their mobile app with their in-room customization. Hotels can now boast their personal touch to every customer with the app. With the use of the app, guests can quickly call hotel staff. However, there are still some issues with this experience since managers do not want their staff abused with the most straightforward requests of the guests.

Loads of Amenities

With the use of mobile tech, guests can enjoy a load of amenities from both the hotel and the casino.  Some of the perks of the casino hotel app are the following:

  • Guests can order and pay for food and drinks and get delivered to where they are. As long as the guests are within the premises of the hotel, they can request their drinks and food to get them delivered.
  • Guests can create profiles in the app. And through the profiles, hotels can have an overview of what promos and rewards they can give to the guests.
  • Guests do not need keys or cards to access their rooms. With the mobile app, they can digitally open their hotel door.

The perks that the mobile tech gives to the land-based casinos are mostly to ease customers' accessibility. In return, hotels and casinos can easily connect with the guests so that they can keep coming back to the establishments.

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