7 Podcasts to Guide You on Your Poker Journey

blog post - 7 Podcasts to Guide You on Your Poker Journey

Podcasts are one of the ways for you to learn more information about one thing. In the poker field, you'll be surprised that there are many podcasts held to know what new things about the game are and more. But what are podcasts? Podcasts are audio recordings that you can download from the internet or browser. Some people listen to podcasts, which are only a one-time thing, and others listen to installments. In this article, we will tell you the best seven podcasts you can listen to know more about poker journey.

7 Podcasts to Guide You on Your Poker Journey

  1. Red Chip Poker Podcast

The main focus of the Red Chip Poker Podcast is Poker Influencers. They also do mini-coaching sessions with enthusiasts every week. The podcast is currently the most famous, having a whopping 2.5 million downloads. In season three of the podcast, Zac Shaw and James Sweeney, discussed the high-level strategies of poker.

Both beginners and experienced poker players can learn from the podcasts since it tackles both levels and also discusses real-life situations.

  1. Thinking Poker Podcast

The Thinking Poker Podcast does a weekly recording and is one of the shows online with the most balanced information. The podcast discusses strategies, the lifestyle of poker players, and the news about the current events in the poker industry. Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis are the hosts of the show.

If you are a fan of the show, you will often hear their interviews with poker celebrities, and you might listen to their tips and news about their careers.

  1. Poker in the Mind Podcast

Poker in the Mind discusses the basic poker strategies of the players and the mental geniuses of the poker industry. The balance in the podcast lies in the discussion of both land-based poker players and online poker players.

The hosts of the show also discuss the psychology of playing high-stakes poker and its players' experiences.

  1. The Poker Life Podcast

In this podcast, the hosts mainly focus on the lives of the poker players, both offline and online. The show discusses the lifestyle of the players, including the behind-the-scenes and how they prepare for each tournament.

  1. Chasing Poker Greatness Podcast

Hosted by Brad Wilson, the podcast discusses mainly on the stories of the legendary players of poker. Since these celebrities did not become one overnight, the podcast shows the things that they did and how they became the best from the rest.

  1. The Rake

The hosts discuss the news and current whereabouts of the famous poker players. It also talks about the scandals that surround the poker industry, including the Galfond Challenge. The hosts of the podcast are Jamie Kerstetter and Marle Cordeiro.

  1. Ante Up Magazine Podcast

The Ante Up magazine was the first podcast on poker and is still the most popular podcast as of today. The content of the podcast is mainly on the news, strategies, and anything related to poker. Listeners also get invited to participate in the podcast, even asking them to comment on recent reports.

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