Things That You Need to Know About Craps

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If you are a beginner in Craps, you would probably wonder how these players could win at a very complicated game. One far reason is that they are experienced players already. The truth is craps can be a very intimidating game if you are inexperienced. The game has a wide variety of bets and a sizeable amount of commands, all happening in a few seconds.

With this, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the game of Craps – from the odds, pay-outs, and house edges.

Craps is a casino game composed of a set of dice which has six faces numbered from one to six, and each face has an equal chance of showing when thrown, which is why there are a total of 36 chances for you to win. The number of numbers on both the dice must be equal to the number you placed your bets to win the game.

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Know the Odds

The minimum total number of the dice is two since each dice has the lowest number of one. Number three has two outcomes on the dice – one die can show one, and the other die can show two and the other way around. The number four can have three outcomes, and there are also four outcomes for number five. Number six can have five results, and the number seven has six ways.

For number eight, it can have five outcomes, and nine has four ways. You can obtain the number ten in three ways and 11 in two. The last number, 12, will only have on the possible way for an outcome.

Pay-outs of Craps

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Pay-outs in Craps are pretty much standard. However, there are several varieties in the game with unique bets and mechanics that would eventually affect the pay-out. When the bet is a pass or come, the pay-out for each is one is to one. If the bet is a ‘don't pass', then the pay-off is still one to one.

home page - Everything That You Need to Know About Craps

However, if the bet is a Pass Odds, there are three possible pay-outs. Pay-outs can be two to one, three to two, or six to five. If players bet on ‘don’ pass odds’, the three possible pay-outs are one to two against the four and ten, two to three against five and nine, and five to six against six and eight.

The House Edge of Craps

There is a long list of bets for Craps; however, we only discussed a few simple ones for you to have a simple grasp on the game. There are several outcomes for every bet, and like most casino games, the house edge depends on the player of the game. The house edge of the game depends on the players' losses versus the initial wager of the player.

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